Olimpia Splendid Self Contained Air Conditioning Units

Home and office air conditioning units for year round comfort

Using the latest Olimpia Splendid self contained home air conditioning units you can have year round comfort at a very affordable price. Bedrooms, Lounges , Conservatories and other domestic rooms and offices are often too hot in summer and too cold in winter - our Olimpia Splendid home air conditioning units can solve both these problems - and the unit can be used in any room in the house.

Home air conditioning has never been easier to install because of the self contained design of the Olimpia Splendid home air conditioning unit. Giving you the luxury of climate control with easy fitting from an all in one air conditioning unit.

With conventional split systems, a bulky outdoor unit, ugly exposed pipework and difficult installation procedures are commonplace - but our self contained home air conditioning units have none of these disadvantages and are very easy to install...More

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